SMAART Seminar Series Invites Dr. John Hipp

Dr. Taylor Oshan


Dr. John Hipp will give an invited talk on "Accounting For Spatial Mobility: Consequences For Ecological Studies Of Crime". He is a Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at University of California, Irvine.

Event Date and Time: Tuesday, 8/24, 2021 @ 2:00PM

Location: Zoom Webinar


In recent years, crime and place scholars have often justified a focus on ever-smaller geographic units based on the existence of variance at micro levels. The challenge with smaller units is that offenders, targets, and guardians all can (and do) move about the spatial landscape. As a consequence, we propose that there is no single appropriate (or best) geographic unit in which to aggregate data. Based on existing criminological theory we propose that three different spatial patterns characterize how we should consider aggregating measures: 1) decay patterns; 2) mixing in an environment; 3) relational patterns. We discuss the strategy we will use with data in Southern California from 2009-11. We create measures based on theoretical expectations of spatial patterns, although the actual spatial extent is empirically determined in this study based on relationships with crime at the street segment level. There is a need for researchers to create aggregated measures that explicitly account for the mobility patterns of persons when studying the ecology of crime.

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