The Spatial Multiscale Analytical Science Hub (SMASH)

Spatial Analytical Science focuses on developing and applying ever-improving means of measuring and interpreting the composition, structure, and morphology of the spatial patterns and processes generated by natural and human systems. It is broadly concerned with characterizing places, such as regions, cities, and neighborhoods and the connections and relationships between them through the use of various technical approaches. Spatial analytical scientists use their knowledge of sensors, computation, statistics, and data science to understand and solve problems in almost all areas of society, including population health, transportation, disaster management, climate change, agriculture, and many more. And though spatial analysis usually targets phenomena at geographic scales - those that can be referenced and observed on the Earth’s surface - it is also relevant at more micro and macro scales too.

The Multiscale focus of SMASH alludes to several themes. First, it encapsulates our interest in phenomena across the spectrum of scales from local communities to issues of global importance. Second, it highlights the persistent need to recognize the important role of scale in spatial analysis and overcome complications that arise from specifying an appropriate scale. Third, and perhaps most saliently, it captures our expertise in analyzing how different spatial scales are interconnected and how entities and structures at different scales combine to produce the world we experience. The complexity of multiscale phenomena often requires specialized techniques and data. Therefore, research at SMASH centers on the development of novel multiscale analytical capabilities, the technologies that support the collection, storage, and processing of the data needed to support multiscale spatial analyses, and tools to help communicate the results of these inquiries.

As a Hub, we at SMASH strive to disseminate and share the methods, tools, and knowledge that we develop to a wide audience and to connect the many scholars and disciplines with an interest in multiscale spatial analysis. Towards this goal, SMASH hosts a series of synergistic activities to help foster the community, ranging from the production of open source software to the organization of seminars and workshops. Please check out our ongoing projects and available resources and feel to contact us here, via email, or on Gitter. Are you also working to advance spatial analytical science? Interested in applications of multiscale spatial analysis? Just want some more information about our work? We would love to hear from you!