The SMASH team regularly produces and maintains open source software and tools. Below you will find some information about products that are currently available.

PySAL Packages

The Python Spatial Analysis Library (PySAL) is a federation of packages for handling, exploring, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data. For more info, check out the project web page and this paper.


The mgwr package provides an API for geographically weighted regression (GWR) and multiscale geographically weighted regression (MGWR). Code can be found here and a practical tutorial here. Colleagues from SPARC at Arizona State University also maintain a point-and-click graphic user interface built on top of mgwr.


The spint package provides an API for the calibration of **sp**atial **int**eraction models. Code can be found here and a practical tutorial here.


The sparse generalized linear models (spglm) package provides an API for generalized linear models that are optimized for sparse design matrices with many zero values. Code can be found here.

SIDA Dashboard

The spatial interaction decision analytics (SIDA) dasboard is prototype of a web-based visualization tool built by our own Matthew Tralka and with assistance from Tyler Hoffman. As a proof-of-concept, it was built entirely using a reproducible environment that can be deployed to the web or used locally.